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Complete Online Insurance will provide the complete solution for your Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance needs.  Our policy has been designed for the recruitment industry.

It will cover you against professional indemnity claims relating to both consulting and placement in areas such as discrimination, failure to perform due diligence and an inadequate recruitment process.

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Why do you need PI cover?

Unfortunately things do go wrong and we understand it.  Imagine if a claim like any of these were to arise:

  1. A recruitment agency refused to interview a qualified candidate on the basis that she was deaf.
  2. A recruitment agent did not pass on the resume of a 55 year old applicant based on the client’s requirement that the applicant be under 45 to fit in with the culture and not affect its competitive image. The agent was found liable for assisting in an act of discrimination.
  3. A recruitment agent was sued by its client for inadequate due diligence after putting forward a candidate who was dismissed from his previous role for sexually harassing a colleague, in circumstances where the candidate was hired by the client and reoffended.

Our Complete Online Insurance PI policy will be there to assist you were something like this to occur.

Our policy includes cover for claims relating to defamation, misleading or deceptive conduct; any unintentional infringement of copyright, trademark, registered design or patent, or plagiarism or breach of confidentiality and the reasonable expenses of a public relations consultant for protection of your reputation with provisos.

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