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We offer comprehensive Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance that has been tailor-made for the property industry.

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We appreciate that even the most careful agents might have an allegation of professional misconduct made against them during their career. Some States now require all licensed real estate professionals to hold a minimum amount of professional indemnity insurance.

PI insurance from Complete Online Insurance will cover you against professional negligence claims relating to auctions, commercial and residential sales, business broking, rural property sales, stock and station sales, misrepresentation in advertising or sales literature, inadequate property management, and breach of statutory provisions.

Time is precious.

Let Complete Online Insurance provide an instant online quote for your real estate business. Our tailor made policy will be ready immediately and you can get on with what you do best.

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Real Estate Professionals need the best possible cover.

A policy from Complete Online Insurance protects you from the unfortunate likelihood of a professional misconduct claim being made against you.

By way of examples, our in house legal team has experienced the following scenarios:

  1. A real estate agent failed to verify that the lot being purchased was the same lot as shown to the prospective purchaser.  
  2. An agent failed to disclose the seller’s dispute with the neighbouring property owner over a tree on the land.
  3. An agent indicated that a new housing development would have access to unlimited water views and did not disclose that a proposed high rise apartment complex might obstruct views.
  4. An auctioneer accepted a bid after the fall of the hammer.

What else will we provide?

Our policy includes cover for claims against the franchisor arising out of its vicarious liability for any of your acts, errors or omissions, as if it was made against you.

Further, we cover claims in relation to any sub-contractor performing work pursuant to a contract with you, where such work is performed as part of your professional service and under your direct supervision and control.

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