What is Public Liability insurance?

Public Liability (PL) insurance

  • covers professionals for loss or damage that a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of the Insured's business activities.

Public Liability insurance provides protection against legal liability, including defence costs, in the event that someone is injured or has their property damaged while the Insured's business is providing a service to them. This type of insurance covers incidents that occur not only in the business premises but also at external locations.

1. ...and Products Liability?

This is usually included in the Insured's Public Liability policy and is important if the Insured sells products or equipment to customers. It will provide cover for claims for bodily injury or property damage arising from the failure of goods sold or supplied by the Insured's business.

2. ...and why do I need it?

In every line of work there is always the potential for something to go wrong - accidents happen and when they do, the Insured can be held liable. Regardless of the size of a business, Public Liability claims can be incredibly costly, and even if the Insured's business is not at fault, they may still incur considerable legal costs while defending themselves.

Most contracts entered into by professionals with their customers will require them to have Public Liability insurance and it has become increasingly common for landlords to insist their tenants carry Public Liability insurance. The landlord may also request that they be noted as an interested party on the Public Liability policy. Complete Online Insurance allows our customers the flexibility to add interested parties during the quotation process.


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