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Tailor made insurance for the engineering industry

We know when claims arise in the engineering industry, they can result in significant damages through personal injury, property damage or economic loss.

Our comprehensive Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance policy is tailor-made for the engineering industry and will cover you against professional negligence claims relating to many types of engineering disciplines including chemical,  corrosion, fire, marine, mining, structural, civil, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, plumbing, along with construction and project management.

What could happen?

We know the sort of claims that you can be met with, please consider:

  1. A firm of engineers was engaged to design a building and failed to proceed with a geotechnical investigation of the soil conditions underlying the building site resulting in significant damage to the building.
  2. An engineer prepared tender documents for a client but did not inform the client of the need to obtain permits from the Environment Minister to adopt the less expensive suction dredging prior to the client being the successful tenderer for the project. The client was not granted the permits and had to use the more expensive method of dredging, losing money on the job.
  3. An engineer was engaged to advise on the design of footings for a building and rejected an expensive design in favour of a cheaper, but riskier, design. The engineer failed to warn the client of the extra risk involved. The Court found against the engineer.

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