Our claims service

Complete Online Insurance has a unique claims model. We use in-house solicitors and claims managers rather than external providers. We have used this claims model with other insurance businesses and the model has produced a number of substantial advantages including:

  • Reducing defence costs. Our claims model has proven to save up to 45% on the cost of defending claims. These savings enable us to maintain our competitive premiums. Lower claims costs equate to lower premiums;
  • You, the Insured has direct contact with the in-house solicitor or claims manager resulting in direct and regular updates. There is no waiting for updates on an important claims matter effecting your business. When you contact us we respond;
  • The pro-active approach taken by Complete Online Insurance expedites the claim and results in a quicker resolution and this lets you get back to doing your job;
  • Unmeritorious claims be handled directly and quickly prior to the complainant engaging legal representation;
  • Settlement of valid claims are handled quickly as Complete Online Insurance is directly involved.

How does it work?

As soon as you, the Insured becomes aware of a claim or a potential claim, notify Complete Online Insurance. You can contact us as follows:

The Claims Manager
Complete Online Insurance
GPO Box 3313, Brisbane
Qld 4000

or Email: claims@complete-online.com.au

We will be in direct contact with you and if indemnity is granted, we will be with you every step of the way.

Complete Online Insurance will go on the Court record if litigation commences and instruct a barrister to prepare the case and attend Court. We will act as if we were an outside law firm instructed by the Insurer.

Complete Online Insurance is here to provide you the Complete Claims Service.

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