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A Complete Online Insurance policy will cover you against professional indemnity claims relating to architectural design, construction management, project management, interior design, drafting, landscape architecture, preparation of tender documents, selection of contractors, inadequate administration of contract and supervision of building works.

We recognise that in most States professional indemnity (PI) insurance for architects is mandatory.  We also know where claims do arise against architects, they often result in significant damages.

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We have a unique in house Incorporated Legal Practice to handle claims cheaper and more efficiently.

In addition to the typical professional negligence claim, your PI policy will cover you against claims in relation to:

  • misleading or deceptive conduct;
  • any unintentional infringement of copyright, trademark, registered design or patent, or any plagiarism or breach of confidentiality; and
  • any sub-contractor performing work pursuant to a contract with you, where such work is performed as part of your professional service and under your direct supervision and control.

Our in house legal team have experienced the following:

  1. An architect was engaged by the lessee in the plaintiff’s factory to advise on the refurbishment of the rooms occupied by the lessee. Following the refurbishment, a fire broke out in a room used for cooking operations and spread to other parts of the building. The judge found that if the defendant had made proper enquiries as to the use of the room, it would have advised the lessee to fit fire resistant panels in the room which would have prevented the fire spreading.
  2. A plan drawn by an architect contained small errors, including a stairwell balustrade height lower than required by relevant guidelines, which resulted in the plaintiff’s quadriplegia when he fell over the balustrade in an inebriated state.
  3. An architect who designed a stage and used joists of insufficient strength was found liable to a person who was injured when the stage collapsed.

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